Can Physiotherapy Help with Back Pain?

Can Physiotherapy Help with Back Pain?

Yes, physiotherapy can help individuals who are experiencing pain and discomfort in their upper, mid, and lower back. Back pain is one of the most prevalent chronic medical conditions that approximately four out of five adults in Canada will experience at least once in their lifetime.

Whether from a sports injury, work-related accident, motor vehicle collision, or other activities, back pain can occur at any time. Common symptoms of a back-related injury include muscle weakness, tension, pain (soreness, throbbing, etc.) and possibly referred pain into the legs. 

That said, with the help of a licensed and experienced physiotherapist, individuals can begin alleviating their pain while improving their mobility and flexibility. Once a physiotherapist has conducted an initial assessment, they will be able to customize a treatment plan employing specific  exercises, stretches, and other manual treatment methods to help you improve your health.

At True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy, our team of physiotherapists have  years of experience working with patients with all types  of injuries and impairments. When partnering with a member of our professional physiotherapy team, individuals can rest assured knowing that their treatment is in good hands.

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How effective is physiotherapy for back pain?

Considerable literature has been published that supports and confirms physiotherapy as an effective method for  treating back pain. By using a combination of different active and passive treatment methods, patients will gain the help and support needed to rehabilitate their injury to reduce pain and discomfort.

 Your physiotherapist will monitor your symptoms and response to treatment over the duration  of your booked appointments to ensure rehabilitative progress is being made.

When should I see a physiotherapist for back pain?

Whether you have chronic back pain or have recently suffered an injury, seeking the help of a licenced physiotherapist as soon as possible is key to ensuring you are able to recover in a timely manner.  Always remember, you should consult with your family physician if you are not sure if physiotherapy is right for you.    

If you have been living with back pain for many months, seeking treatment for your pain is sometimes overlooked. However, there are warning signs that patients should be aware of that can indicate that it is time to seek professional treatment. Some of these signs include: 

  • Tingling and numbness in your  legs.
  • Continuous pain and discomfort that does not resolve.  
  • Tightness throughout the back that keeps returning.
  • Weakness throughout the body as a result of back pain.

If you’re experiencing any of these signs, then we recommend booking an appointment with a physiotherapist as soon as possible. While there is no time limit on when individuals can seek help from a physiotherapist for their back pain, treating your symptoms earlier on will provide you with the best chance of fully healing.

No one deserves to live in constant pain. Book an initial assessment with True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy today. 

Which type of physiotherapy treatment is best for lower back pain?

One of the advantages of using physiotherapy to treat lower back pain is that there are numerous therapeutic techniques a physiotherapist can employ. Although each patient will have a different treatment plan, some standard therapies your physiotherapist may use include: 

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is administered with the hands. Your physiotherapist will use trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and other hands-on techniques to target the lower back and legs while releasing tension within the muscles and nerves. 


Traditional acupuncture uses strategic needle placement to help stimulate the fibers in your lower back muscles. By doing so, it promotes blood flow to the area and aids in improving the neural connections to reduce pain. 

Strength Exercises

Strength exercises for lower back pain tend to focus on increasing the strength of your core. However, it can also include improving your overall stability, increasing your flexibility, improving your range of motion, and focusing on improving posture.

Habit Changes

Education on lifestyle and habits are introduced to help patients repattern bad habits regarding posture and other lifestyle areas that could be contributing to their lower back pain. By slowly repatterning these habits it can help improve your overall wellness while alleviating discomfort throughout the body.  The research indicates that it takes 66 days to turn a bad habit off!

How long do I need to see a physiotherapist for my back pain? 

At True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy, we recognize that all patients are different. For this reason, before we are able to provide you with a treatment timeline, we first require patients to book an initial assessment. During this initial appointment, one of our experienced physiotherapists will ask you a series of questions and ask  you to perform various movements to monitor your range of motion. Also, a series of orthopaedic tests and palpation of the area will be performed.  Once the assessment is completed, the physiotherapist will customize a treatment plan according to your unique needs.

Your commitment to healing

Further, the length of treatment for back pain will also depend on the patient’s commitment to the prescribed treatment plan.  In many scenarios, your physiotherapist will ask you to perform various stretches and exercises in your own time.

The home exercise program is meant to provide you with the best opportunity to regain your mobility and strength and reduce your pain. This is why it’s highly essential that patients follow their physiotherapist’s recommendations and commit to stay on track throughout the course of their treatment. 

In addition, it is also crucial that patients partner with a professional physiotherapy clinic that have  experienced physiotherapists on staff  who understand how to treat your unique condition.  

 True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy has  a team of physiotherapists who have years of experience and knowledge to aid you in your recovery. We proudly put the needs of our patients first to ensure a comfortable and encouraging environment for everyone. During each session, your physiotherapist will record your progress and frequently reevaluate your improvements.

Generally speaking, patients will know when the end of their treatment is near when: 

  • The pain and discomfort in their back pain diminished.
  • They are able to perform daily tasks with improved strength and mobility and minimal to no pain at all 

How will physiotherapy relieve my pain?

Upon booking an initial assessment with an experienced physiotherapist at True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy, patients will undergo an evaluation. During this session, you may be asked to answer a list of questions and perform basic  movement exercises so your physiotherapist can assess your range of motion. Once the initial assessment is complete, your physiotherapist will work with you to create a customized treatment plan based on your current condition and the goals you wish to achieve.  

Further, using a variety of different techniques, each physiotherapy session will work on increasing your strength, improving your flexibility and range of motion, and of course, relieving your pain by addressing the root cause of the problem.

Again, there is almost always work that needs to be done outside of your treatment sessions that may require you to make lifestyle changes and perform routine exercises and stretches at home Therefore, to provide you with the best chances of recovery, you will also need to make an effort to follow your physiotherapists’ treatment plan.

Physiotherapy is an active rehabilitative process that empowers patients to regain mobility while reducing the source of their pain.

Are there different types of physiotherapy for my back?

Back pain can be a result of numerous daily bad habits and injuries that can diminish your range of motion and decrease your quality of life. Fortunately, there are various types of physiotherapy treatments available that can help patients improve their overall physical well-being. Some types of treatment options  that may be used to treat your specific type of back pain include:

  • Retraining your posture by strengthening your core and releasing stiff muscles throughout the back.
  • Various stretching and flexibility exercises to improve your range of motion.
  • Cold laser  therapy treatment to reduce back pain. 
  • Manual therapy treatments to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and reduce pain.
  • Ultrasound therapy to reduce pain and inflammation.  
  • Acupuncture to stimulate blood flow and heal neural connections in your back.

With the help of the physiotherapy team at True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy, patients can recover in an environment that promotes holistic healing using various treatment methods that are proven effective. Once the source of your back pain as been identified, your physiotherapist will create a custom treatment plan  that will have you back to living a pain-free lifestyle as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

We work with people of all ages, walks of life, and in all stages of their recovery and have the knowledge and skills to provide you with the treatment you deserve.

Are you ready to reduce your back pain? Give us a call and schedule an initial assessment  with a member of our friendly front staff today.

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