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frequently asked questions about our services

Dr. Altaf Virani

Yes we do. Direct billing for treatment services may be possible if your policy has that option.

Yes. Please come in to speak to one of our trained front staff members to assist you better.

Our Chiropractor will manually reposition a vertebra that is out of position (subluxation). This can also be done on any joint in the body. Our Physiotherapists and Chiropractor are trained in exercise therapy and the use of various pain management modalities.

Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time so our staff can obtain your coverage information from your insurance provider. Once the intake forms have been completed and your coverage information has been explained to you, you will then see the practitioner. Upon completion of the assessment a short 10 minute treatment will be provided.

Follow up visits vary between 30-45 minutes each.

Yes. We use the latest technology from Theralase® Technologies.

Our clinic uses the TLC-2000, here is an excerpt from Theralase®

Theralase® therapeutic laser systems have received full clearance by all major regulatory agencies for adjunctive use in pain therapy.  Its effectiveness as a low level laser therapy (LLLT) medical device has been demonstrated through successful patient treatments in healthcare clinics around the world, supported by evidence established through over 4,000 clinical studies.  An example of this evidence was a clinical study (“Laser Therapy Applications for Chronic Joint Pain“) submitted to the FDA by Theralase® Technologies to demonstrate the application of laser therapy for chronic joint pain.   This randomized placebo controlled clinical trial was completed with the objective of evaluating  the Theralase® LLLT medical device as an adjunctive modality to standard treatment for knee pain using chiropractic techniques.  The data obtained in the study clearly demonstrated that the Theralase® therapeutic laser provided significant relief and improvement in all of the primary evaluation criteria from chronic pain associated with knee disorders.

Yes. Shock Wave Therapy is a revolutionary technology which provides non-surgical treatment for many conditions that historically could only be resolved through surgical intervention.

Here is what the Late Toronto Sun Journalist, Peter Worthington, wrote about his personal experience when being treated for plantar fasciitis in 2007:

“Until taking shockwave therapy, I was in denial and kept trying to play tennis without moving much. Pathetic. I’ve had 3 sessions of five-minute shcokwave therapy, and now it’s only age and geriatric deterioration that slows down my running game, not the curse of plantar fasciitis.”

It is therapy focusing on helping to re-organize your “brain”.

Through specific exercises involving your eyes and focusing on balance therapies will help to reduce your post concussion symptoms.

20-Minute Session:

$40.00 + HST = $45.20

30-Minute Session:

$50.00 + HST = $56.50

45-Minute Session:

$65.00 + HST = $73.45

60-Minute Session:

$90.00 + HST = $101.70

No. If you are a person who has a fear of needles, our Acupuncturist also does Cupping Therapy which is a great alternative.

Yes. Book a 10-minute consultation with or Dietitian. You can also book a 10-minute consultation with any of our practitioners to have your questions answered.