enVy™ COPPER Mask powered by NatuVerex™ Copper Technology



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This Eco-Friendly Face Mask is comfortable, reusable, and suitable for everyday personal use.

What We Know About Copper Technology:

  • The Copper-infused Tencel fabric on the enVy™ COPPER masks have been proven to eradicate 99% MRSA, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Klebsiella Pneumoniae.
  • According to the 2015 Study꙳, some common germs proven to be killed by Copper include E. Coli, Influenza A, Norovirus, and C. Difficile.
  • Coronavirus is inactivated within hours of coming into contact with Copper alloy surfaces.
  • The Copper technology used in the enVy™ COPPER masks is permanently infused into the masks.
  • Human skin is not sensitive to COPPER and, in fact, is shown to improve skin texture, skin tone, and skin wellness.

꙳Health Environments Research and Design Journal 2015.
꙳Tests pending for COVID-19.



enVy™ COPPER Mask powered by NatuVerex™ Copper Technology

Based on the newest data about COVID-19 infected individuals being asymptomatic, the WHO and CDC will now be recommending that everyone wear face coverings in a public setting to avoid spreading the virus.

“Face masks worn by asymptomatic people are conditionally recommended in severe epidemics or pandemics to reduce transmission in the community.” – World Health Organization.

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