When Is It Time To See A Chiropractor?

Chiropractors perform non-invasive treatments that focus on realigning the joints in your spine, neck, arms, and legs. People go to our North York chiropractor’s office for all sorts of reasons. Whether it’s chronic pain, a sports-related injury, or just day to day discomfort and tension in your muscles and joints, a chiropractor can help you restore mobility.

Seeing a chiropractor has many benefits. Like we mentioned, it helps restore mobility to your body and helps you relieve pain or tension. Especially if you’ve been experiencing severe or chronic pain, chiropractic treatment may help bring pain relief. And even if you don’t have pain, chiropractor treatment can help relieve stress on your joints, ligaments, and tendons and improve poor posture. In fact, treatment can ensure the body is healthy and prevent possible future injuries from occurring.  

At True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy, our chiropractor, Dr. Altaf Virani is professionally trained to provide a thorough diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment care plan for his patients.  . Our patients choose chiropractic care for many reasons, including:

  • Improve athletic performance
  • Natural recovery
  • Better posture
  • Decreased pain
  • Headache management
  • Adjust to pregnancy changes
  • Keep their body in good shape

If you’re experiencing pain and other issues that affect your daily lifestyle, or even if you want treatment as a preventative measure, reach out to our chiropractor, Dr. Virani at True Life Wellness and Physiotherapy today.

Not sure if you need to see a chiropractor? Here are a few signs it’s time to come in for a visit.

You have constant headaches

Hydration, rest, and a good diet can definitely help with headaches. However, sometimes it’s not enough to cure your pain. Visiting a chiropractor for professional help can definitely help you pinpoint the cause of your headaches and treat the concern.

When a chiropractor provides care to the neck and spine, they increase the blood flow that reaches the surrounding area. As a result, your brain gets more oxygen, alleviating your headache and other symptoms like shortness of breath.  

You suffered an injury

You can get injured from playing sports, doing repetitive movements, being involved in a car accident, or from a slip-and-fall accident. If you recently had an injury and are experiencing pain or discomfort, it could be because your body is out of alignment or there’s swelling and tension in the area.

A chiropractor can also provide pain management care such as the application of various pain management devices (IFC, Laser therapy, Shockwave Therapy, TENS, Ultrasound therapy, Heat, and, or Ice) to the site of injury.   These strategies can help relax the surrounding muscles and scar tissue in the injury site in order to increase blood flow, enabling the chiropractor to provide treatment easier. 

If your injury is severe, it might take a number of sessions  before your pain is completely gone. In some cases, your chiropractor might also suggest other exercises for you to do at home to help with the pain and to heal your body.

You have bad posture

Bad posture can be caused by long periods of sitting in front of a computer, hunched over a phone, or just by not standing properly.Poor posture puts unnecessary stress on your upper and lower back, neck, and shoulders. It can cause an unbalance when you walk and pain in many areas, such as your shoulders. The pressure can cause your discs and bones to shift out of alignment, causing issues like herniated discs.

It is not necessarily hard to ensure you always have a good posture, but sometimes you need extra help to shift everything back to where it is supposed to be. A chiropractor will ensure your joints of the spine and neck are aligned correctly, so you can regain your posture and alleviate any pressure and pain.

You have chronic pain

Chronic pain is most commonly caused by osteoarthritis, bad posture, an injury, or rheumatoid arthritis to name a few examples. You can experience chronic pain in your back, neck, shoulders, or even in your hands and legs. Chronic pain causes stiffness, which can prevent you from exercising and cause pain when you walk around and complete your daily tasks.

A chiropractor can help align your spine and joints correctly to relieve the chronic pain and to restore range of motion in your body. It might take a few treatment sessions, but you’ll start to notice more flexibility in your joints and less pain.

You’re pregnant

During pregnancy your body is changing every day. You carry more weight on your body and your balance changes as your body adjusts to the changes. For example, pregnancy can cause your spine to curve more than usual and the extra weight can put pressure into your back or feet. During pregnancy, your joints become loose and your pelvic area will also change to prepare for childbirth. This could cause discomfort and pain.

Chiropractic treatments are safe for pregnancy and help your body adjust to these pregnancy changes and ensure your body is properly aligned. This helps decrease pain and improves body function.

You have an active lifestyle

An active lifestyle keeps your body physically and mentally healthy, but it also puts a lot of additional strain and pressure on your joints and muscles. This can cause your spine to go out of alignment and also create pinched nerves and disc syndromes.  .

Even if you don’t feel a lot of pain, you could still experience mild discomfort that’s bothersome or prevents you from doing activities to your full capacity. With regular chiropractic care, you can treat any mild issues before they become bigger problems and take preventative measures to avoid injuries.

When You Shouldn’t See a Chiropractor

Some people might need advice from a specialist physician before seeing a chiropractor. These people include anyone with fragile health, herniated discs, brittle bones, and osteoporosis. A specialist can help determine whether chiropractic care is right for you, or if you need a different form of treatment. If you have a fracture, sprain, or other active injuries, you should also use caution and consult a professional before booking a visit.

You might not always be sure whether seeing a chiropractor is the right choice. That’s why it’s always best to book an initial consultation to discuss whether it’s the best treatment option for you. We take your detailed medical history and conduct a physical examination before we start any treatment. Whether you need advice or want a second opinion, chiropractors can answer any questions you have.

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